December Review

And we approach the very end of the year, and the end of the blog (for now). Tomorrow I will have a final wrap-up of the year, but today I will wrap the reviews I ran in December. This month was interesting, it was perhaps the best month I had all year. In part due to content - I enjoy writing some of the essay-type stuff as much or more than writing a review of a particular song - and in part due to planning. I have planned on and off this year, but too often ended up just randomly picking a topic or song from a list to write about that day. This month (actually late November, if I remember correctly) I planned out the entire month, by sitting down and listing everything I wanted to write for the rest of the year, putting them in order when I wanted to do them, and following that list. There were only a couple of days all month that I switched the list up, due to other commitments costing me time. But having that list really helped me stay focused and interested. I hope the content showed that.

This month I did a lot of essay writing rather than reviews. I count only about ten songs in the list, which is probably by far the fewest in the month. That is an intereting lesson for me, that I feel better about my writing when I am not being so specific, and when I am not locked into something like a song, where I feel I have to talk about the same types of things each time. Being more freeform, within a general topic, was much easier to write and much more interesting to stick to. And I filled out a number of end-of-year topics that I had been planning for a while, which was fun.

So tomorrow I will be back with a wrap of the entire year, but today I take a quick look back at what I wrote this month. If you are new to the blog, I wrote a monthly review every month on the last or next to last day of the month. If you click on the month in the links on the right, you can scan back through and see each month fairly quickly.

Here’s everything I reviewed this month, with the ratings I gave them:

Angel of Harlem 6  

On The Road With U2 (book) 7 

Glastonbury 3  

Films Of Innocence

Conspiracy of Hope 

Dancin’ Shoes

Neon Lights

Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete The Chop) 3  

End Of The Road 

Bad 10  



Red Light

Vertigo (DVD) 10 


The Bono Guitar 

The Fool

Achtung Baby Video Collection

Never Let Me Go

Outside It’s America 

Early Songs

Covers Part II 

Ch Ch Changes 

Do They Know It’s Christmas? 

Christmas Bonus

360 At The Rose Bowl 10  


Top Of The Pops

Live Live Live