Dancin' Shoes

I recently reviewed The Million Dollar Hotel movie, and this is one of the songs from that. Unfortunately the song suffers from the knowledge of the movie, which was terrible, so I don’t know if I can judge the song fairly. The other part of it is that the song is not by U2, it is technically by “Bono and the MDH band” so it loses points there too.

The Million Dollar Hotel band is a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of, along with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. I must admit to being very conflicted on Eno and Lanois, they have clearly given a great deal of influence to U2, with some very positive results, but then there are times when their results may not have had the effect I might like (Passengers). In general their side projects - in any form, album, single, b side - aren’t as good as when they have been working with U2 as a band. I wonder what that tells us about U2, how they are able to resist the total influence of Eno at times, drag his flights of fancy back toward reality. I might even say that this is the Larry Mullen influence, that it seems, from listening to his talks about things, that he is kind of the rock that the band is held on, and he won’t allow things to get too far away from what he likes. When he gets lost is when Eno becomes in charge, like with Passengers.

So since it’s not a U2 song, I’m not so sure I can review it properly, but here I am. The only part I can review is the singing, and perhaps the lyrics the way they are written, if I assume that Bono wrote them. The singing is weird, in places terrible, it doesn’t sound like him at all. I have in fact listened to this song several times and I am almost convinced that the first verse is not sung by Bono at all. It’s hard to tell, and the credits for the song don’t help much, they imply that it might be Daniel Lanois singing on the song (he gets vocals credits, but along with several other things, and on several songs, so not sure). But the way that the voice morphs into Bono in the second verse, and again later in the song, it just feels like he is singing weirdly. Either way, I don’t like it.

Paris again tomorrow, I guess we call it Paris 3, right? Anticipation is high, last two shows of this leg of the tour, I am expecting there to be a lot about the events in Paris, although I was expecting more about it in the Belfast and Dublin shows too. Seems they have said a couple of times that they want to bring their show, as it has been, and changing it up because of events isn’t necessarily what they want to do. Anyway, we shall see, and hopefully some announcements soon about next year.

My rating for Dancin’ Shoes: 1 / 10