Christmas bonus

Merry Christmas! We have a couple of songs specifically for the day, and not those lame saccharine songs you’ve been forced to listen to for the last month.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was a song that U2 covered a few years back, during the Joshua Tree tour I think, when they recorded the song during a rehearsal for a show. The video for the song is the only thing I’ve ever known of it, although it was released on a Special Olympics cd too. It’s enjoyable, fun, light and fast and playful you might say. From the opening moment, when Bono starts the song in a deep and odd voice, there are a lot of laughs throughout the video. From Bono’s weird hat, to the hilarious moment when Bono and Edge are back to back, then Edge turns and looks at Bono and rolls his eyes and looks away, then he steps away just as Bono leans back and almost falls, there are funny moments again and again. I often think of it, even throughout the year, and there are times when it just makes me laugh. It’s got a light and sweet sound, and message. I haven’t heard the original, sung by Darlene Love in the 1960s, so I can’t compare, but I think the U2 version is much better known.

The second U2 Christmas song was by a guy called Greg Lake, this time in the 1970s. I Believe In Father Christmas is much more in the style of U2, some political thoughts in a song. Of course it wasn’t written by them, but they chose to cover it, so presumably they felt a connection to it. Now I said political thoughts, but it’s not really, it is talking about how Christmas has gone from being a religious holiday to a commercial one, which I guess you might call politically correct. It does make sense for U2, the religious theme is very similar to the themes that U2 have played over the years, the ideas of people calling themselves religious but not acting that way, or of the world needing God but not getting the idea of love that God and Jesus brought. So I would call this one of the more religious U2 songs, although not a U2 song. I Believe In Father Christmas is also enjoyable, but in a bit of a different way to the previous song.

I hope you have/had a merry Christmas. I hope you take that in all the meaning I give it, whether you believe in the religion or not (I saw a thing the other day that said you should take everything in the meaning that it is given, not in the meaning that you take it). I hope you had a U2 Christmas if that’s what you wanted, I doubt I will get anything U2 (I write this on December 22), simply because I already have it all. I would be quite surprised if I got anything that I wasn’t already aware of, but I hope you did if U2 was on your wish list.