Chicago thoughts 2

And now I am home. My week in Chicago is over, I wasn’t able to stay for Chicago 5, but I got to see four Innocence + Experience shows. It was a fantastic experience, and for my son a fantastic innocence. We drove home from the airport tonight, I put Songs of Innocence on and he started singing along. When we got home he turned on his computer to play Minecraft for the first time in a few days, and I passed by a little while later and he was playing Minecraft but had a tab open to play U2 from YouTube. In other words my plan absolutely worked.

Just a few days away and I totally forgot how hot Texas is. We actually went to the park in Chicago for dinner last night, and sat outside while we ate. It was even a little chilly at times, at least according to my wife. But walking through the airport parking lot in Dallas tonight I was already sweating, and even getting inside at home it was hot. Hadn’t really needed air conditioning the last week or so. Heck, the fact that I was able to go outside without gasping for air was amazing. Of course, our tour guide a couple of days ago also said that Chicago gets down to -20 in the winter, and that kind of makes you feel like it may not be the best place to live.

Great set of shows that I saw, unique items like the first performance of The Crystal Ballroom, second of Lucifer’s Hands, an All I Want Is You, Bad, and on and on. The only one that I really wanted to see that I didn’t was The Troubles. I’m going to be pretty irritated if they play it on Thursday. Rumors race around the internet at the speed of light, and right now they’re saying that Thursday is going to be a special show, because shows that end a location are historically really good. I hope I don’t miss anything, but I’ll be watching what I can online.

I managed to see the show from different angles, from GA to the third deck, from the square to the e stage ends, and really it’s hard to say which is best. I guess I could say that third deck was the worst, but then it was the best at getting the overview of the video screen. It wasn’t GA, which had poor views of the screen but was definitely the best at being in the show. By the square had bad points, but then I also shook Paul McGuinness’ hand from that seat, so it was great. And down by the e stage, that had the closeness for that whole section of the performance. So if I was to make an argument, I guess the argument would be that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, at least for me.

And yeah, I’ve been looking at the New York schedule, trying to figure out a way to convince my wife that we should make a trip up there for something, with the U2 shows being convenient and coincidental.