Chicago thoughts

And now some thoughts on the first two shows, go back the last two days to see each show individually (including my awesome high five with Paul McGuinness).

One of the things I had some worried about was credit card entry. Not because of anything specific, just random chatter on the internet telling you all the things that could go wrong. My mild worry was that I had gotten an updated card between buying tickets and the show, but I really expected that not to be a problem, as presumably they’d be working on the number not the date. But credit card entry was smooth, the guy in front of me was handing his card to the person saying “this is the card I used to pay” several times, she just took it and scanned it and was done. For some reason he was freaking a little, don’t know why, maybe it was a borrowed card or something. Mine scanned in a couple of seconds. Easy, was very happy with the process. If it works as a way to reduce scalping then good.

I was surprised at the lack of crowd, almost right up until showtime there was nobody in the expensive seats, but I remember noticing partway in during the first show that the seats were full. Not sure how that happened. In the second show I didn’t really notice, but then I didn’t get there until about 15 minutes before showtime (that was me outside scarfing down a cheeseburger, since I hadn’t eaten all day).

When I was in the GA I definitely thought that Bono was favoring the North side (the side I was on, fortunately). The others a bit too, but especially Bono. Even when down on the e stage, he looked like he was pointing toward our side and singing towards us much more. I can’t say I noticed that in the second show either, although I was alongside the stage and to be honest I wished the guys had come up to the sides and back more. I think Bono was only up there three times in total, and it was probably a similar count for the others. This is kind of a case where the middle needs to suck it up, they get the band most of the show, but the ends need to see a little more love.

Bono was clearly sick in both shows, in the first there was a point where he had to bend over and cough after singing a line, then repeat that line when he was okay. I did feel like he was talking the show a little more than singing it. When he came over and took a drink after the first song in the second show, I thought uh-oh, he’s not going to make it, but he did. Although singing One at the end, he did not sing it at all, the crowd sang the whole song (he prompted a little), so I wonder if he was out of gas at that point. It was weird, it felt like we were at a rock and roll show singing karaoke. But enjoyable. Hope a couple of days off helps him get better.

Overall the shows were good, about what I expected them to be having seen so many clips and Periscopes from earlier in the tour. That’s actually high praise, because having seen them online my expectations were really high. What’s going to be fun is the next show, two nights from now, because I’m taking my son to his first U2 concert and he has almost no idea what to expect.