Chicago 4

I waited a day to have some thoughts on Chicago 4, just so I could get the June review in on the right day. Does a day add any perspective? Not much. I’m still going to say it was a great show, of course.

Chicago 4 opened with Miracle, as every show on the tour has, and followed up with Electric Co. I somehow only realized last night that the second song of the show has been very interchangeable, I have been thinking that it has been flipping back and forth between just Electric Co. and Out Of Control, but I also saw Gloria in that spot during Chicago 3. The rest of the first half of the show has been pretty stable, I think. I saw a map a couple of weeks ago of the show, I don’t know where and I don’t know if it has been updated. But to continue where I was going, I want to say that song two has flipped but the rest of the first half has had that theme, the story the band has been trying to tell about them growing up, and so the songs have stayed the same. It leads to a fairly compelling story.

FYI as we walked around Chicago today, my son alternated singing between the “oh, oh oh oh oh oh” of Miracle and some parts of Song For Someone. He is well trained now, I think. I worked on him with some of the lyrics of each as we walked, he’ll have it down by the next time we see the show (which I guess will be next year, barring some kind of miracle (of Joey Ramone)).

Our seats for Chicago 4 were in the corner, lowest level, by the e stage. I was able to see Deena (of On The Road With U2 fame), I was sat almost directly behind her, although she was in the GA. To be honest I felt the seats I had in Chicago 4 were a little better than GA, because in GA I was crowded out by arms holding up phones all show long. In the seats I was still close but could see everything over all those people. It would have been a lot different in GA if I was against the rail though.

My wife texted my sister-in-law (another big U2 fan) before the show, sent a picture of our view. She replied back that she wanted to FaceTime  with us during the show. I had half promised myself to keep my phone in my pocket this time, but ended up pulling it out and connecting with her, during the part of the set where the band is down on the e stage. And by some miracle we ended up seeing the first ever performance of The Crystal Ballroom, which once again was much better live than the recorded version. Too bad you can’t record FaceTime though. I did record Bono’s entrance, we were on the opposite side from him. Funny moment, when his microphone didn’t work as he started up Miracle, and the crowd sang it anyway.

So sadly tomorrow (Wednesday) we get on a plane and head back to Texas. I won’t see Chicago 5 live, I will hopefully watch as much as I can online, but it’s not nearly the same. If you’re watching the shows online, I can only tell you that seeing it in person is way way better. Video just doesn’t do it justice.

My rating for Chicago 4: 10 / 10