Chicago 3

Tonight was very special for me, as I took my son to his first U2 concert. He is ten years old, and his biggest problem was getting his earplugs to fit. He didn’t seem at all nervous before the show (I was, I really wanted him to like it), he seemed to take most of it in stride. He was half falling asleep towards the end though, I don’t know how since it was so loud, but he managed to keep going until the end. Then when we got back to the hotel he had several questions about things that had happened during the show (mostly based around the events of Raised By Wolves), so I am glad he was paying attention and interested enough to remember. Overall it was great for him to be there, and will be again tomorrow night. Tonight we were in the third deck, almost alongside the main stage, so he certainly got a good overview of the show. Tomorrow it will be first level in the seats, in one of the corners by the e stage, so it might be a little more up close and personal.

About twenty minutes before the show began, I took a photo of the arena and posted it to Twitter. I checked a few minutes later and it had been retweeted a few times. That kind of inspired me a little, and I took a photo during the first song (Miracle, which has dramatically grown on me during the tour) and posted it, then posted again for the second song, Gloria, and all of a sudden I was taking a bunch of photos and posting one for each song, and getting a lot of retweets and favorites. Thanks to everyone who did that, you were all inspirational to me. It makes me realize that I should do that more myself, I often just look at the pics, but a favorite is kind of a thanks to the person who did it.

So yeah, that was an amazing show. I’ve had two shows down below (GA then first level), this was my first up in the air, and it really was a different perspective. In GA you get very little of the video board, it’s difficult to look up so much. In the first level it was a bit of an angle, but I was also close to the stage. That wide angle I got tonight was in some ways a completely different show. There was more watching the video, but also the wideness of the stage from the side kept things interesting.

Now to show notes: As I said, they played Gloria tonight, for the first time in ten years and the first time I saw it live since the Lovetown tour. Then Lucifer’s Hands, which I rated below average a week ago but may end up becoming another of those songs that grow on me once I’ve heard it live a few times. And All I Want Is You, one of my absolute favorites, a song for my wife and me, and yes, I checked and that was the first time we have seen it live together (and yes we held hands and kissed during it). All in all, a great show.

My rating for Chicago 3: 10 / 10