Chicago 1

The thing about making plans is that they can go awry. In my case, in my post yesterday I said I was just going to enjoy the show, and not take pictures or Periscope it or anything like that. Well, I didn’t Periscope, but literally as Bono climbed up to the stage I had my phone out and was taking photos, and ended up taking 190 photos during the show. Best laid plans and all that.

Today was my GA day, I’ve done GA at U2 shows before but this one was different. First of all there was a limited amount of GA available, they have balanced it very well to get good numbers without crushing people in. Second, we were split into two sides of the stage (North Side rules!), and even though I didn’t get to the show until 7pm, I was in a really good spot. I was along the center rail, just about where it turns into the e stage, and about five people back from the rail. I got to see most everything, everyone was up and down the stages so we saw them all (if I had a criticism it would be for Adam, I’d tell him to get all the way down to the e stage more). My biggest problem with the show was the number of people using their phones (myself included), it was at times difficult to see the main stage through the forest of arms holding up cameras. And then of course the standing for hours, but that’s to be expected. And I didn’t have a great view of the video board either, I could see it fairly well but I had to stretch my neck up to see it. My neck is sore right now because of it.

The show itself was really good, pretty much what I expected from all the videos I’ve seen of it. Even better live of course. A guy about five people to my right caught the first book that Bono threw, although I didn’t see what it was. And all the paper falling from the ceiling was landing closer to the main stage, so I didn’t get any of that. Oh well.

They mostly played what I wanted to hear, at least for one night. They can fill in the rest over the next four nights, songs like Out Of Control, Bad, and The Troubles are high on my list of want to hears.

I heard that Bono was sick before the show, and he clearly struggled at times. I saw him wipe his face and take a drink several times on the e stage. There were a couple of points in the show where he missed parts, or had to sing them again, because of his voice. There were a couple of places where he was encouraging the crowd to sing, and I thought it was because he wanted to not have to sing it himself, to rest his voice for a second.

Only irritant was after the show, when I came out to large crowds at the bus stops, and on the streets (that did have names), and not a cab in sight. I ended up walking back to my hotel, not quite three miles I think. I was walking with a lot of other people, who slowly peeled away into the night. I was probably two miles into the trek when I saw the first available cab, and by then my pride (in the name of love) made me walk the rest of the way.

Show 2 tomorrow, I’m going to be in a seat with a decent view, so it should be good.

The rating below reflects the fact that it is impossible for a U2 show to be anything but perfect. Yeah, that’s just the way I roll. I have to say that Zoo TV remains my favorite show, I think. Innocence + Experience looks like it’s going to be a pretty strong contender for second place though.

Sometime soon I will cull through the photos and post the best. There should be at least one of each band member that isn’t terrible, right?

My rating for Chicago 1: 10 / 10