U2 in cartoons

So in the last week or so there’s been this mildly weird craze where people are turning themselves into Peanuts cartoons. Someone did U2, and I have to admit that when I saw it I thought it looked terrible, that none of them really looked much of anything like themselves. There was another one produced a couple of days later, and it looked a bit better, but still not that much like the band. I guess I’m a little picky when it comes to people I know being turned into cartoons. It all reminds me of the times when U2 have been cartoonized on tv. The two that spring immediately to mind are South Park and the Simpsons, not sure if there are others.

I remember watching the South Park episode when it came out, and laughing and cringing at the same time. As a guy, I’m a big fan of toilet humor, and generally enjoyed South Park, in fact I liked it much longer than I probably should have. I must admit that I haven’t watched it the last couple of years, in fact I’m not even sure when or if it is still on. I guess I finally moved on from it. The episode itself was amusing, plenty of poop jokes, essentially the point of the story is to say that Bono is a giant piece of poo. Now, I’ve talked about him before, and noted that there are times when even I, a huge fan, find him pretty grating. I’m in fact kind of surprised that there hasn’t been much mention of him at the UN this past weekend (although there was a lot of other stuff going on). But as a general rule I am mildly amused and mildly insulted when people take shots at Bono, especially when they do it in an uneducated way (like anyone making fun of his glasses without knowing about his medical condition). So although I can enjoy the South Park episode, it’s not something I seek out to watch too often any more.

The South Park had no involvement by the band, but the Simpsons did. I had to check it out on Wikipedia to discover that U2 had asked to be on the show, versus most celebrities who get asked. Not sure why they did, except to be turned into cartoons on the show. So it was all run around the Pop tour, so we see Bono wearing the ridiculous fake muscle chest shirt, and shots of the Pop stage, while the band is playing Pride. Then Homer sneaks in, as the somewhat racist man delivering potatoes to the band, and Paul McGuinness lets him in. Of course, Homer takes over, so Bono starts speechifying, which causes Larry and Edge to leave to go to the pub, and in perhaps the best moment of the show, they decide to go without Adam and he calls them wankers. Later they sing while in the pub, and then Adam shows his latest addition to the spoon collection - the ninth spoon he has. That’s really funny, it surprises me that Adam is so prominent and that they parody themselves so well.

Generally enjoyable when you see them crossing over into other things, as long as they’re not being number twos.