Bono's Big Year

Yesterday while looking through the From The Ground Up book as I wrote the review, I was reminded of the section where Bono had a serious back injury that required surgery, and that postponed the 360 tour for a while. In that section he said he was laid up for a few weeks, unable to move, and spent the time writing songs and generally being productive. That reminded me of last year when he had the bicycle accident, and ended up writing a missive called Bono’s Big Year. Okay, technically the title is “Little Book of a Big Year: Bono’s A to Z of 2014” but I prefer my version. Anyway, some thoughts on what he wrote.

B is for Blogosphere, where I am writing this and I guess I am one of the ones who has the audacity to think others might be interested in what I have to say. I am not invisible, I am here, you might say. Although give it another month and a half and even this blog will not be here (at least not being updated), as the plan for it will be complete. But I will move on, I have other writing projects in mind, although in general they will not be of interest to the U2 fan.

I find it interesting that he has some mild words about Davos, because by the time of the tour he had converted similar words into a rant about being one of those fat cats flying in and out. Yelling at his former self, or rather his younger self yelling at him, and he trying to justify why he is there. I’m still not sure that he is successful in doing that, although it is a powerful message in either direction.

He writes some missives to Adam, Edge and Larry on the appropriate letters, and a little self-deprecation on the B. I guess it is appropriate to write to and about them, and of course he is going to be nice about them (not that I think he wouldn’t need to be). But it does make me think about what I have written here, as I have definitely tempered some of my words here, about anything from the band to my own family to the songs I am writing about. It is interesting to realize that knowing that there is an audience out there has caused me to self-censor in some cases. I might have to work on that.

He throws in a little joke, a little throwback to the old days, when he says “I had a vision… television” while watching Bruce Springsteen perform with the band.

And a final interesting comment: “U2 is a live band. Live is where we live or die. The songs continue to grow night after night.” This is something I have learned, or re-learned, this year, because of my changing thoughts about Songs Of Innocence. I reviewed some songs early on, before seeing them live, and would change those reviews now having seen them. They have grown night after night, they have become embedded in my mind, and now I love them. But that’s a story for another day.