The Bono guitar

A couple of years ago I bought a guitar. I have never been musically inclined, from the performing perspective. That’s not to say I haven’t had the desire, I have played air guitar for many years while listening to U2. When I was in college I entered a lip sync competition with some friends, we played Talking Heads one year (finished third), then I made them do U2 the following year (didn’t even place). I was of course Bono, we did Streets, and I jumped around the stage with a black wig on. It was crazy and terrible, but that was also the closest I ever came to being a rock star.

So after all these years since, I finally bought a guitar, and slowly began playing it. After two years of trying, I am still terrible. I got Rocksmith, which helped in some ways, because I got somewhat decent at some of those songs. The problem is I didn’t play it enough to actually learn to play a guitar, I can barely play at all away from the video game. That’s not true, I have messed around on and have learned some parts of some U2 songs. One of these days I’ll sit down and get serious about it, pick one song and learn it in detail, then another and another. Maybe I’ll have time once this blog finishes at the end of the year (although I doubt it).

But this is not about my guitar playing history, it’s about an actual guitar. You see, about a year ago I was surfing around and saw a link to an auction of rock and roll memorabilia. I looked through it, and there were half a dozen items featuring U2. There were a couple of gold albums, an amp, but the one that really grabbed me was a guitar signed by Bono. It wasn’t used by Bono, which made it a much more reasonable price that one that had been used on stage. I watched the auction, thinking that I might try and snap up one of the items for several hundred dollars. As it so happened, I got my annual bonus from work that very week, and being a little flush with cash boosted my desires. Yes, I won the auction for the Bono guitar, spent a couple of thousand dollars on it, but when it arrived I was very happy.

The guitar sits in my room right now, the centerpiece of my U2 collection of items, which numbers very few things but each have some good meaning to me (example is my wristband from the North Side in Chicago 1 this year). I have plans to get a display case for the guitar, and build out my little U2 shrine (another item is the Time magazine cover, Rock’s Hottest Ticket), and maybe one day I’ll put a picture of the completed shrine on the site. Who knows when that day will be though? Maybe I should try and get it done before I see my next U2 show (or maybe I should wait for some other collectible from that tour).