Big Girls Are Best

Oh boy, can I get in trouble with this one? I’m almost certainly doomed to say something offensive to someone when I’m talking about a song with a title Big Girls Are Best. I guess I should preface this by saying that my wife is a big girl, but when I do that she might be insulted, so hopefully she doesn’t read this one. I tend toward the idea espoused by the Beach Boys (tenuous U2 connection there) with the song California Girls, the idea that everyone has something to show off. And that’s true, we are all special snowflakes, every one of us.

Released as a b side to Stuck In A Moment, and also off the 7 CD, Big Girls Are Best is one of those fun songs that the band trots out now and then. Every so often one makes it to an album, but most of the time they’re left out and end up on an LP, or a best of, or a b sides or something like that. This one came out of the Pop sessions apparently, and somehow got left off the album, which is weird since it would have been one of the best songs on the album.

Does this count as Bono’s homage to women? I can’t imagine Ali looking to favorably on this one, which maybe is why it didn’t make the album. Maybe they sat down and said yeah, we’re gonna get in trouble if we keep this one. Smart. It’s a good song but if you read it wrong I think you might be offended by it.

This is one of those songs that actually has everything going for it. There’s good lyrics, it’s nice and bouncy, the guitar works well, drums throughout adding a good beat, and a baseline popping up here and there that drives the song. Kind of a good working song all around. I suspect it would have been a popular song if it had been released appropriately, or maybe if it had different lyrics, for, you know, the reasons I listed above. It could be considered a little offensive, but it’s intended to be somewhat sexy, I think, and it’s intended to honor women in a good way. I’m not going to say they succeeded or failed, I’ll just say I like the song.

In other news the European leg of the tour opened Friday. I must say that I am a little disappointed that the band didn’t change up the show much. They added a few bits (Italian words for The Fly intermission), but not as much as I expected. They changed the running order a little, but there were no big surprises in it, were there? Maybe they’re saving that for next year, when they come back and do a full tour? Maybe they wanted the European audience to see what the US audiences had already seen.

And I missed the second show in Torino, because I was at the beach with very little signal. I would get ten seconds of music followed by 30 seconds of buffering, and after a couple of songs I gave up in frustration. It was kind of like listening to when they were at Madison Square Garden again.

My rating for Big Girls Are Best: 6 / 10