The Emmys are today apparently, and I couldn’t care less, because I don’t really believe in awards. Or at least certain awards, like the Emmys. You see, the Emmys are an award for a person in a role on tv, and they are generally deified for that role. I remember having a debate with someone many years ago about a tv show, with their argument being that the person who was the star was a natural for the role and they couldn’t imagine anyone better. My argument was that anyone could have gotten the role, and but for a good audition they might be saying the exact same thing about a different actor.

But that’s tv, where someone picks an actor based on nebulous feelings about them, not on any particular set of criteria. Same with movies, casting is essentially the same, although you do have to have people vote with their feet (or movie dollars) for particular actors. If they come to like someone they will go see them regardless of how good they are in a movie (what was that Affleck movie, Gigli?).

The best criteria for me is where you are judged exactly on what you do. Being that this is a U2 blog I obviously mean that awards where you are rated based on your results is better for me. If you produce something good and people vote for it, by either buying it or being an awards voter, then that seems a little more worthwhile to me. Maybe it’s an attempt at a justification, simply because I want to talk about U2 and awards.


If you look at the list of awards won by U2 on Wikipedia, you’re going to see a whole lot of junk. People’s Choice, which really is just a popularity contest. A bunch of things I’ve never even heard of. The only ones I’d consider worthwhile would be the Grammys, which are a music industry award and not subject to a popularity contest (although I guess you have to be popular with those voters, right?).

So they’ve won more Grammys than any other rock band (I guess that’s to distinguish individuals? I don’t know). What surprises me is how many nominations they had compared to wins, and some of the gaps. Like Achtung Baby never won anything, how is that possible? Or that Pop was nominated? Or that Window In The Skies won (like the song, not sure it’s Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals)? Or that Crazy won?

One issue I have with the Grammys, like many of the other award shows, is the problem of category inflation. By that I mean the attempt to do a bunch of different awards, even though they’re pretty much the same thing over and over. I mean, what the heck is the difference between song of the year and record of the year? Don’t know, but there have been years where the same song has been nominated for both, and there are years where they got one or the other nomination. Makes no sense to me. Better yet, the one I just listed above, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals. Just try and unwrap that one. Let alone that it says Pop.

And of course there’s Golden Globes, which is about movies, and U2 have won a couple of times, for Hands That Built America and Ordinary Love. Not coincidentally U2 have never won an Oscar for their music, despite their songs being nominated a few times. Ordinary Love is the song Bono was calling the second place song at the Oscars earlier in the tour.