Another Time, Another Place, Live at the Marquee

This time it’s the fan club live album, Live at the Marquee Club London 1980, not the song. I received it yesterday, apparently they shipped them out in order of renewal of membership. Have to say that’s one way of doing it, not my preference. The site membership is a little screwy in that it is meant to be by the year, not by the date of membership. That gets a little messed up when you try and keep track of things, for example my membership was expiring in I think March or April, so I didn’t renew until then. They really ought to switch it to a January-December kind of thing, not basing it on the date you signed up. It’s difficult I know, because if you sign up in December what do they do, give you this year or next year? And they can’t really make it rolling, because if you go June to June do you get both years’ membership gifts? On the other hand, a society I belong to did switch from annual membership to date-to-date membership, and it works just fine. But then again they have member gifts monthly (free electronic books) so if you go June-to-June you still end up with twelve. Ahhh, but what do I know?

Way back in the day I rated the namesake song a four. I think I’m going to give the album a better rating, simply because it’s live, even though it’s really old. It’s essentially a live version of Boy, almost all of the songs on the album are on here, and vice versa. Boy I rated around average,  there are times when I feel it hasn’t aged well and times when I feel it has.

The biggest problem with this recording is that much of it is very derivative of Under A Blood Red Sky, or maybe that is derivative of this. In the early days they didn’t have so many songs of course, and this means that for the first few years they had a lot of songs in common from tour to tour. A lot of this album shows up on Under A Blood Red Sky, and it’s difficult to tell which is better, both in quality of the recording and quality of the performance. I think I have to give the nod to Red Rocks, just because of experience and performance practice. But then you get to something like Electric Co., and have to say wow, that was a great version (although I kept waiting for him to start singing Send In The Clowns).

Something I’ll give this is that it’s an outstanding recording, I don’t know where it came from (did they do it themselves?) but it sounds about as good as some of the ones that fans recorded on the current tour. Has some of the crowd stuff but not too much. Actually I think that Bono is not quite as loud as usual. I’ve mentioned before that I read they used to turn his microphone up a little to make him clearer, I’m not sure they were doing that at this point. Or maybe he was just slurring a little more than usual. Either way there are moments when he’s talking and not feeling very distinct.

Nice packaging for the album, with the vinyl included along with sleeves for them. I must admit that the last time I listened to vinyl was a very long time ago, heck it might even have been the original Boy way back when. 

My rating for Another Time, Another Place (live album): 10 / 10