Another Time, Another Place

First albums are difficult for anyone, it takes a lot of work just to get to make one. Then you make it, put it out to the public, and hope that it’s good enough to get to make another one. And sometimes, even though it isn’t very good, and has some songs that kind of suck, you do get those opportunities to keep going, and you end up becoming the biggest band in the world.

And that’s the case with Another Time, Another Place, which is kind of a dull song, nothing interesting either lyrically or musically. I can’t tell you what the song is about, it doesn’t seem to have much of a theme or much of anything. Or at least I don’t get it. It also suffers from the repetition thing, which I think is more than half the song.

Early sound, a little odd to me now, both the guitar and the drums sound a little off. Let alone Bono’s voice, which just sounds weird now. It was the early days, I don’t think his voice had even broken by then. One of the comments he made in the Rolling Stones Files book was that he was learning how to sing, in an interview in 1985 or so. Sorry, I’m not going to check the exact quote, or the date. But it did amuse me, that a guy who had been the lead singer for a rock band for several years still needed to learn how to sing. It does make me think, because there’s some kind of thought process that these guys just pop up fully made and ready to go, whereas the truth is that they need to learn. Bono needs to learn to sing, Edge needs to learn to play, and so on. Even though they have a certain level of natural talent, which gets them through the beginning, they still need practice time. It’s like that saying about needing 10,000 hours of practice to become a world class talent at something, which if you think about it is so long that you do have to be really good at something to be able to get that amount of time. But if you also think about it, let’s say you get to play guitar for six hours a day, then in that case you’re talking 1,600 days, or five years until you know what you’re doing. Or enough time to get past Boy and October and into War, if you count the years before Boy as well. Okay, ramble over.

There’s a section near the end of the song where Bono speaks some gibberish, it’s something that is debated online about what he says. Rumors both German and Gaelic, but most people seem to think that’s it’s just a bunch of nonsense. Bongolese is the term used for when Bono randomly spouts sounds that mimic words but aren’t. It does sounds somewhat guttural to me, suggesting German, but I doubt it. I’d be more convinced of that if it was around the Achtung Baby era, but it’s about ten years too early for that. It does amuse me the amount of effort that people put into trying to understand Bono though, since it is most likely just sound. I don’t know why someone hasn’t asked him what it is, these thirty years later. Or maybe they have and he doesn’t know.

My rating for Another Time, Another Place: 4 / 10