Another Friday night

So we come to another Friday night, and another show, and I break from the usual programming to interject with a few thoughts. Tonight is the last show of the US leg of the tour, Madison Square Garden 8. I’m starting to write while Pride is on. As I thought he would, Bono points out Bill Clinton in the crowd, as one of the peacemakers. I was mildly astounded to see the Clintons sitting in the middle of the crowd, in the seats, not in some protected bubble somewhere.

It is amusing as I jump around on Periscope tonight (no Mixlr, all Periscope except for the Meerkat segment), the number of people stepping in and out of each stream. As one stream ends, I jump across to the next, and then watch the counter rise as all those people try and find their next stream. Kind of funny, but also interesting, it ought to be something that Periscope looks at for events like this, some kind of stringing together of streams at one show. I don’t know, maybe.

Speaking of, like I said I’ve been on Periscope all night, an hour and a half of the show, then I switched over to Meerkat for the U2 segment, now back on Periscope. But something I noticed tonight, that I have noticed a few times before, when I get to Meerkat my phone’s temperature climbs rapidly, gets hot enough that I have to juggle it a little, think about putting it down, on a table or something. Then I switch back to Periscope and within a minute it cools back down. The difference, I don’t know. I’m a programmer, but not on iPhones. Whatever technology within the phone they’re trying to use, I’m surprised there is that much of a difference between them.

How about Bono bringing up the Village People on stage? I had seen them earlier on Twitter, and thought they had a shot, and they got up there. The best part of it though was that Bono mentioned the Village People, but didn’t seem to remember that U2 had dressed as them for Discotheque. Well, he might have remembered, but he gave no indication of it. I suppose I might have tried to blot that out of my memory too.

So like I said the last night in the US, for now. They’ve done some different things, Party Girl was one tonight. They’ve done a lot of different things here in New York, and indeed since I saw them in Chicago the show has changed in several ways. It might not seem like it to the casual watcher, because there are many small and significant changes. I’ve asked before, what are they going to do different in Europe? They have a month off, but they’re not going to go think it all up again. They will make changes though. Many US references throughout the show, have to ask which ones they’ll change, which ones Europeans might not get, which ones will they add that we in the US might not get. Can’t wait to find out. And I get to watch it in the afternoon.

And we end the night with The Boss singing Still Haven’t Found and Stand By Me, and then another moment to bring tears to my eyes, ending the tour with the song that, as Bono said, Dennis Sheehan made famous. Great tour. Thank you all.