Another Day

Another Day was U2’s second single, a few months after they released Out Of Control on the Three EP. Oddly enough Out Of Control made it to the Boy album, but Another Day didn’t, nor did the next song they released, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock. I don’t pretend to know how the music business works, but I wouldn’t have thought a young band would have so many songs that they could afford to skip some of the early ones. Although I guess it gives us extra early music, so good in the end.

I can once again write about U2’s early style, relatively simple music, Edge hadn’t yet discovered what he could do, and Bono’s voice and lyrics were pretty simple too. Just two days ago I covered Saturday Night, another really early song, and there are a number of similarities between the two. The band working together, but not really. Some ooo-whooaaas from Bono to fill in the time where he doesn’t have any words to say. And there’s something there, in terms of the sound, it feels like I know it from somewhere else.

Some fairly weak lyrics too. There aren’t too many of them, although it’s a fairly short song, but like I said he still has to fill in with a few wails here and there. It seems like he is trying to say something, but at this point he doesn’t yet have the chops to be able to write what he is thinking. It might be that in another few years he would have been able to write something meaningful, but not yet. There’s an interesting twist in the sound, and delivery of the lyrics, when he sings the “night turns to day and children come out to play” line, but little else of it grabs you and makes you want to keep listening.

It’s an interesting exercise going back to this early stuff. We have just gone through an amazing experience, on the Innocence + Experience tour, where they, as Bono said, went back to the early days. I’ve talked about what a good job they did with that, making us think back to those times and the music they were playing, but in reality they weren’t. Maybe I should say they weren’t playing this song, or similar songs to it (like Saturday Night). The sound from Songs Of Innocence is the sound of U2’s innocence, but with a bit of the experience thrown in there, which makes it sound much better than this.

I wonder what Edge would come up with for the innocence part if you were to give him a guitar and take away all his electronics? Make him play only with what he was playing with back then. I bet he would come up with something really good, but I also bet that sound would end up being just a little bit more like this song than the stuff on Songs Of Innocence. Truly innocent stuff. Extra virgin, you might say.

My rating for Another Day: 2 / 10