Yet another of those phrases that stick in my head, but this time it’s only the title. Any time I hear the word always, I hear it repeated in my head a few times, in Bono’s singing voice. I don’t know any of the other lyrics to the song, just that one word, but it’s enough. No, that’s again a little bit of an exaggeration, because I know the song enough to know several of the lines in it. I just tend to either mix them up, or half remember them, and find myself sounding a little like my son, who when he sings songs he doesn’t really know, he tends to mumble the missing parts, sing something similar sounding but wrong, or just make noises that sound like the lyrics. Oh, who am I kidding, I do that too. Probably most of you do as well.

As I listen to Always, I often find myself drifting away into Beautiful Day, which is what Always eventually evolved into. You can actually follow along with Always and see much of Beautiful Day in it, and also see points at which the two songs diverged. Obviously the lyrics, but there are many of the guitar parts that you’re listening and thinking of Beautiful Day, then suddenly get jarred back to Always because it differs from what you’re expecting to hear.

And having said that, apart from the music surviving, not much of the lyrics did. Little bits and pieces here and there, but mostly they remind me of other songs, like the thought stuck in Bono’s head and he kept it noodling back there until it popped out into another song. Or bits from older songs that coalesce a little into this song. Again with the looking at how the sausage is made, learning all those tricks and twists that get put into the work. Always interesting.

Word on the street is that the Dublin ticket sales have been a bit of a snafu. As in, people offering tickets for sale on secondary sites before they’ve even gone on sale to members. These are scalpers that are assuming they can get tickets, and they probably can. There was that story in New York about security letting scalpers into Madison Square Garden to buy U2 tickets while keeping regular folks out. This is an irritation and I don’t know how it can change. The big sites don’t care, they get their money either way, as does the band. There are attempts at ways to stop scalping, like in Chicago when I had ticketless entry with the credit card I used, but even then there’s scalpers all around. I don’t have a solution, how do you get a hugely successful band like U2 with a limited number of tickets, and get those tickets to everyone who loves them?  Memberships? I have a membership on, but I was able to get tickets for my wife and son. Anyone with enough money will be able to get tickets, right? The only answer I can think of is that U2 comes to my house to play, and I decide who gets in. You might not think that’s fair, but it is.

My rating for Always: 3 / 10