All Because Of You

Some songs grab you, some don’t. Some end up being kind of average, kind of meh, neither being too good to listen to repeatedly, or too bad to skip. That’s what All Because Of You ends up being, not so good that I want to seek it out to play, but not bad enough that I skip over it all the time. If my theory that the rating number I give is really the number of times out of ten that I listen to a song when it comes on, rather than skipping it, that’s probably about right, but that might also be because I don’t have it in a regular playlist. That means that the few times it does come up, I listen to it about half the time. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the song, is it?

All Because Of You is pretty explicitly about religion, or maybe it isn’t. Well, I am sure it’s about religion, but then again given the writer we’re talking about, he could have thought it was about anything else. Or anyone else, the You being a person rather than God. But no, I do think it’s God, and I think he is giving thanks to God for everything that has come to him. Of course he thanks the fans for the same thing, so maybe the song is about us.

Now there are many parts of the song that don’t seem to be about God. Like the first couple of verses, where Bono says things like “Everything was ugly but your beautiful face” and “I saw you in the curve of the moon,” which kind of don’t sound religious at all. If you think of it much more as poetic or lyrical, then it might make a little more sense. The “beautiful face” rather than being a specific face of God, or image of God, could be more about the ideas of religion. The curve of the moon, yeah, you got me on that one.

The song does bring out one of my favorite lines of all time though: “I like the sound of my own voice, I didn’t give anyone else a choice,” which is just a funny line, very self-deprecating, and it’s one of those lines that pops into my head on a regular basis, triggered by a lot of things really, most notably that fact that if anyone says the word “voice” I think of the line. So it does come up pretty often.

I listened to Boston 2 tonight, it was very mixed up compared to the usual shows, but that was a good thing. And I did tweet during the show, that the version of Bad tonight was one of the best ever. Bad is one of my very favorite songs (oops, spoiler alert), and I enjoy hearing it in different ways. Tonight Bono threw in a couple of snippets, and it really made it kind of magical. Great song. Great show.

My rating for All Because Of You: 5 / 10