A fan. A band. A year.

So what's this all about? Simple: Me. U2. 365 days.

My first year in college was 1987. Rings a bell to U2 fans, right? The Joshua Tree was released that year, and by luck the album length was right about how long it took on my bus ride to college. I listened to it, a lot.

Since then I would estimate U2 has been about 80% of my music listening, buying, and reading experience. There have been others, of course (Talking Heads, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Dire Straits to name a very few), but it always circles back to U2. I've seen them live over a dozen times, with a couple more to come this year. When Bono talked about the fans giving them 500 pounds each, he was talking about me - although it's probably a lot more than that.

This site comes about as a writing project, with my desire to write more, to organize my thoughts about the band, and to review them and their music. The ratings are my own personal ratings, they won't match anyone else but hopefully it might get a talking point or two, or at least entertain someone.

The plan is a post a day. Maybe more, hopefully not less. Every U2 song reviewed and rated, every album, movie, books, concerts, more. Do I have enough material for 365 days? Let's find out.

If you want to know how I worked out my ratings, read How The Rankings Work.

And if you want to contact me, look for the Twitter icon below, or on any of the blog posts.